HAWX Demo over Hamachi

There are two things that may be required to make it so your games show up for others when hosting games through Hamachi. Try the first, if it doesn't work, try the second.

Network Connection Order

In the Network Connections control panel,

  1. Open the Advanced menu (Vista users may need to click alt to make it visible)
  2. Select Advanced settings...
  3. In the Connections list, move Hamachi to the top of the list.
  4. You're done, try hosting.


  1. Download ForceBindIP and install it (or use the zip and extract it to system32).
  2. Create a shortcut to HAWX.exe in your demo directory.
  3. Open the properties of that shortcut.
  4. Add "ForceBindIP.exe 5.x.x.x " (without quotes) before the current text in the Target value, replace 5.x.x.x with your Hamachi IP.
  5. You're done, run the shortcut and try hosting.